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Mittelhochdeutsch international – eine Bestandsaufnahme

Christian Buhr

Pages 137 - 150

Translations have long played an important role in popularizing medieval literature, and since the 1970s they have also become increasingly relevant in the academic context. This is all the more true in the field of international exchange in research and teaching. The bibliography <em>Translations of Medieval German Texts into Non-German Target Languages</em>, published online in spring 2022 and frequently updated since then, is the first comprehensive index of translations of Old, Middle and Early New High German texts into non-German target languages. This article presents a critical appraisal of the bibliography. First, the paper will show the contribution of foreign German studies in making medieval texts available and accessible through modern bilingual editions. Secondly, the specific occasions and contexts of translation as well as remaining gaps and desiderata are examined.


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