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Übersetzungsreflexion und Übersetzungsanalyse als Zukunftsaufgaben germanistischer Mediävistik

Gottfrieds ‚Tristan‘ aus translationswissenschaftlicher Perspektive

Regina Toepfer

Pages 1 - 20

Drawing on the significance of translation as a ubiquitous cultural practice, the author draws far-reaching consequences for the future direction of teaching German Medieval Studies and its socio-political relevance. In teaching skills for analysing and reflecting upon translation, Older German Literature is making a central contribution to German Studies that goes far beyond the acquisition of Middle High German language skills. Students develop an awareness of the challenges, difficulties and ambivalences of translation, which can be directly transferred from the literature of the German Middle Ages to other contexts, media, languages and cultures. The author uses the example of Tristan by Gottfried of Strasbourg to showcase the fresh approaches generated in research and teaching when German Medieval Literature is viewed through the lens of Translation Studies.


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