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Zwei herausragende Nasen

Intertextuelle Bezüge in Patrick Süskinds ‚Das Parfum‘ und Carlo Collodis ‚Le avventure di Pinocchio‘

Norbert Berger

Pages 221 - 229

In this article intertextual references between Patrick Süskind’s novel ‚Das Parfum‘ and Carlo Collodi’s ‚Le avventure di Pinocchio‘, that have not been noticed before, are recognized. Süskind’s narrator mentions the name Pinocchio, when the boy Grenouille imbibes the smell of wood so intensely that he is compared with the wooden puppet, but there are also obvious parallels in characters and lifes of both the protagonists. The overall trademark, the protruding and at the same time excellent nose of the protagonists (in German it is the same word: „herausragend“) is used figuratively in Grenouille’s case. Both characters only come to life when they start to speak and survive all kinds of animosity, offence and mistreatment because they are robust. Further parallels are their refusal to learn and the tendency to lie. Both are being abused as proof for dubious scientific theories, reach the Land of Games and the city of Grasse respectively, a place populated by many children/ childlike girls, and both experience their change into a real boy/a socially desirable person as a miracle. However, Grenouille’s life, in contrast to Pinocchio’s, does not have a happy ending.


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