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Justus Mösers ‚Lettre à Mr. de Voltaire‘: Apologie pour le Dr. Martin und „Tonnenmärchen“

Frank Stückemann

Pages 293 - 307

Möser himself called his ‚Lettre à Mr. de Voltaire‘ an “Apologie pour le Dr. Martin”; several hints and allusions, even a footnote within the text, give evidence that he uses Swift’s ‚Tale of a Tub‘ for his ‚jeu d’ésprit‘. Satire undermines the idea of a dominating religion in Voltaire’s ‚Lettres sur les Anglois‘ as well as against the background of the biconfessional constitution of Osnabrück: Confessional dogmatism and self-righteousness are forced to use arguments, religious and civil wars have to be replaced by Battles of Books. Möser regarded Luther as initiator of mental emancipation and his reformation as a booster for European enlighten ment; his view pointed the way to the liberal reception of Luther until 1848 and provided an ecumenical base for the Roman-Catholic enlightenment in Osnabrück, both made forgotten after the defeat of the German March-Revolution.


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