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Zur biographischen Kontinuität des Nationalsozialismus in Stephan Wackwitz’ ‚Ein unsichtbares Land‘ und Ulla Hahns ‚Unscharfe Bilder‘

Gerda Nogal

Pages 175 - 187

Stephan Wackwitz’s ‚Ein unsichtbares Land‘ and Ulla Hahn’s ‚Unscharfe Bilder‘ are novels which not only call to mind the remembrances of the war generation, but also – and in the first place – consider the identification capacity of the past for the generations to come. In my analysis the emphasis is laid on the generation or family and individual memory and, as a consequence, the connection between origin and identity. The question arises whether the subjective investigation into the father’s and grandfather’s national socialist past implies critical or accusatory quality.


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