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„Überwachen und Strafen“: Körperliche Züchtigung als koloniale(s) Gewaltausübung und Machtdispositiv

Der Fall von Franz Kafkas ‚In der Strafkolonie‘ und von Daniel Bersots ‚Sous la chicotte‘

Romuald Valentin Nkouda Sopgui

Seiten 169 - 183

My essay examines the representation of corporal punishment practice in the European overseas colonies using two narratives as examples. On the one hand, I am interested in showing how the authors under discussion aestheticize physical and psychological violence, both aimed at legitimizing the colonial power and subjugating the colonized. On the other hand, I analyze the texts in the light of Michael Foucault’s theories. In this regard, it becomes apparent that the colonial space is one of a binary logic in which highly asymmetrical relations are revealed.


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