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„Wy schricken voor het endt des treurspels“

Joost van den Vondels und John Miltons ‚Samson‘-Dramen im Kontext der europäischen Bibeltragödie

Kai Bremer

Pages 133 - 149

This essay is based on the observation that a secularization narrative dominates early modern studies. To criticize it, the present essay compares two tragedies about the biblical hero Samson, one by Joost van den Vondel and one by John Milton. With their help it is discussed in an exemplary way how the European biblical tragedy has developed since its beginnings in late humanism. It is shown how it perceives formal and theological challenges and how it convincingly harmonizes them. Finally, the results are perspectivated by means of a look at George Frederick Handel’s oratorio about Samson to show that attempts to harmonize Bible and tragedy are still alive in the 18th century and can by no means be reconciled with a secularization concept.


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