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Ko-Evolution von Poesie und Wissenschaft

Hyun Jeong Park

Pages 447 - 458

Hans Magnus Enzensberger (* 1929) has written frequently on nature and natural science. However, the motif of ‘nature’ has considerably changed within the last ten years. The metaphorical use of ‘nature’ in his early works ‚verteidigung der wölfe‘ (1957), ‚landessprache‘ (1964), ‚blindenschrift‘ (1964) was mainly political, but since the 1990s his poetical works, for example ‚Zukunftsmusik‘ (1991), ‚Kiosk‘ (1995), ‚Leichter als Luft‘ (1999), and ‚Die Geschichte der Wolken‘ (2003), have lost their political character and instead show a rather meditative attitude towards nature. The poet’s interest in nature, natural science, and philosophy develops into a scientific narrative experimenting with new literary forms. In this sense, the paper focuses on Natural Knowledge and Science in his later poems.


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