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„Daseins-Ekel“ und „Entsetzen vor sich selbst“

Brief-Existenzen in Ludwig Tiecks ‚William Lovell‘ und Søren Kierkegaards ‚Die Wiederholung‘

Christian Wiebe

Pages 395 - 406

Ludwig Tieck’s ‚William Lovell‘ does not seem to have a coherent sense. This results from the contradictory behavior patterns of the protagonists. The present paper describes a connection between Tieck’s epistolary novel and Kierkegard’s ‚The Repetition‘ which also contains numerous letters. Considering the approach of repetition and the genre of the epistolary novel, the structure of ‚William Lovell‘ can be analyzed. Additionally, a previously neglected perspective on Kierkegard’s text can be discussed by comparing it with Tieck’s novel.


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