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Figurenrede im Roman aus kognitionslinguistischer und narratologischer Perspektive am Beispiel von Jean Rhys’ Roman ‘Good Morning, Midnight’

Jarmila Mildorf

Pages 447 - 467

This paper explores two interrelated issues from both narratological and cognitive-linguistic perspectives: fictional dialogue between characters on the one hand, and communication in fictional texts more generally on the other. I apply a range of analytical approaches to a dialogic example from Jean Rhys’ novel ‘Good Morning, Midnight’, including Lieven Vandelanotte’s and Barbara Dancygier’s cognitive-linguistic frameworks and Istvan Kecskes’ Sociocognitive Approach to Pragmatics. The detailed textual analysis shows both the merits of an integrated cognitive approach as well as its problems and ultimately calls for further reflection not only on the similarities but also and especially on the differences between fictional dialogue and real-life conversation. The same point of criticism is raised as regards the application of pragmalinguistic concepts to literary communication at large.


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