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„Die Schlafenden sind Tätige und Mitwirkende beim Geschehen der Welt“

Geträumte Selbstbehauptung in Ernst Jüngers ‚Strahlungen‘

Jan Röhnert

Pages 315 - 330

Among the 20th century autobiographical war accounts, Ernst Jünger’s diaries Strahlungen are certainly one of the most genuine and controversial literary investigations trying to capture the subject’s depravations caused by World War II. However, Jünger’s modelling of the autobiographical ‘ego’ can be traced back to a technique of ‘Selbstbehauptung’ (selfconstitution, self-legitimation) the philosopher Hans Blumenberg referred to as substantial in forming the modern self’s scientific and aesthetic curiosity. In addition to strategies of autobiographical ‘Selbstbehauptung’ such as self-objectivity, the aesthetic and anecdotic discourse, Jünger introduces his narration of dream visions in order to undermine the haunting effects of war. This ‘dream talk’ proves to be Jünger’s archimedical point in the success of his account.


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